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"I draw my inspiration from things I'm passionate about."

Vespertine Studio creator Meaghan Radd shared with us what inspired her to start creating all natural soy candles and talks about the dangers of paraffin wax:

SW: What inspires you?

Meaghan: "I draw my inspiration from things I'm passionate about. Nature, folklore, divination, and a variety of mystical and esoteric themes give my candles a unique vibe and aesthetic." 

SW: How did the decision to start Vespertine Studio come about? 

Meaghan: "I have always been an avid lover of fragrance. I collected perfumes, wax melts, and candles, and would often have them burning throughout my house. Unfortunately, over time I developed severe headaches, and I was eventually able to narrow down the cause."

SWCan you tell us a little about how you make your candles?

Meaghan: "Unless otherwise stated, a vast majority of store-bought candles are made from paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product. That combined with the harsh chemicals in their fragrance oils turned out to be the cause of my headaches and allergies, a problem more and more people are starting to realize. As a result, all Vespertine Studio candles are made with 100% soy wax, an eco-friendly all-natural alternative to typical paraffin candles. In addition to being non-toxic, soy wax also burns slower and last much longer. I make all of my candles with no dyes and only non-toxic phthalate-free fragrances, most of which are infused with essential oils. These candles are also cruelty free, as I and my suppliers never test on animals."

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