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We are excited to announce that we have added a direct donation feature to our website!

Now 10% of all sales will go directly to one of these four charities: 

You can split your purchase to donate a portion to all four or you can choose which one proceeds go to at checkout! 

The reason why we chose these four charities: 

When researching which organizations to give to we chose organizations most aligned to what were here at Sweet Witch believe are important issues. We also carefully select organizations that give back and do what they promise. Sadly most "no profits" give very little of what they make to those they claim to help. Some turn as little as 1% of profits into helpful resources, which is exactly why we have chosen these four, reputable and reliable organizations. 

Nature and Witchcraft go hand-in-hand:

Here at Sweet Witch we are dedicated to making the world a better place by spreading magic and supporting goods that are not mass manufactured in China. We encourage shoppers to be aware of where their purchases are coming from and how they are made so we can keep our planet full of wonders for generations to come! 


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