Why We Are Changing Suppliers

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Greetings Witches, 

We would like to take a minute to address another issue that is important to Sweet Witch: Ethical Goods.

Since the dawn of time, power and profits have been stripped from women creatives and healers. We think it's time for a change.

Recently we've been witnessing the trend of witchcraft making a resurgence and an uptick in popularity for all witchcraft related goods and we think it's great! However, sadly once again many of these crafts have been appropriated and are now mass produced by people who don't actually care about the magic behind them, essentially stripping them of any meaning or power.

Moreover, as witchy things become more popular the pioneers of this trend are being sidelined by major corporations that are just looking to cash-in on this "trend." Coven sisters, you know the reality of this lifestyle and realize that this is not just a "trend," it is something you were born with and something that should not be monetized by people who do not understand it.

This is why, in an effort to support creative witches and natural healers we are seeking those who create magical items out of a passion and love for their craft and not ones who blindly mass produce things they see as trendy. Our hope is that with every order we can do a little good for the world by giving back to those who make our world a little more magical everyday. 

If you know of any artisans who deserve a spotlight or your yourself create with care, please feel free to email us and propose an item or items to be sold in our shop! 

Thanks for supporting and joining the Sweet Witch Coven!



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